Saturday, September 29, 2007

Destination 3: Sequoia National Park

Before diving into this latest trip, a quick note on the blog. I am obviously format challenged in terms of making this thing look good (any tips would be appreciated) but I've received a bit a feedback on length. Apparently there are those out there in our adoring audience that don't like to read 10,000 words on each and every trip we take (a certain girl working out in NYC that won't be named). Even the wife - new code name Ms. Betray Us - has commented that no one would want to read so dang much. ouch. I want you all to know I am crying on the inside. You need to remember you are talking to the record holder (I think) for thesis length back at Bates College...why use one word when 10 work so much better?? :)

Ok, so Sequoia, our final stop in California before heading out to New England. Dual purpose for this trip: communing with the big trees one last time and testing out our backpacking gear we've purchased for our treks in New Zealand. We had great weather for two hikes - one up Big Baldy Ridge for mountain views and the other through Redwood Canyon, site of the largest remaining Sequoia grove. A note to the uninitiated - hiking with 10-20 lbs on your back above 8000 feet is a whole different world than regular hiking.

Jules and I at the beginning of the first hike...

Jules at the top...

Now the second hike:

Julie with an enormous pine cone...

Just in case you were wondering just how big the trees is a fallen one with me standing next to it.

Or an 'average' sequoia - look closely and you can see I am holding two hiking poles each over 4 feet long.

Click on the picture above and see if you can find Julie...


Emily said...

Dear Paul Bunyan,

Just to clear my name, I wasn't making fun of your incredibly long first blog entry...I just told Kevin that if you had enough time to be writing that much, you clearly weren't spending enough time traveling. Any other criticism that may have been passed on to you originated with either my spouse or yours.

P.S. Are you going to have time to visit your statue?

Dan and Julie said...

Ms. Emily,

Ah the backpedalling begins amid a fresh salvo of vicious commentry. You wound me lady.

However, since you are one of the few to have actually looked at this blog I guess I can't get too upset.

Allow me to answer your poisoned barbs. I have plenty of time to write long blog entries (and respond at length to even the most annoying commenters) as we had a relaxed schedule of travel over the first two months to allow Julie time to apply to schools. I am presuming this meets your approval madam?

As for the Paul Bunyan statue, I have already paid a visit to his statue, as any loyal Minnesotan must. Besides, after I take care of Grizzly Adams, Paul can't hope to contain me.

Much love from our current home in Boston. Don't work too hard and feel free to smack your husband for me (just for the fun of it).