Friday, November 9, 2007

Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand

Our first two days in New Zealand were spent in the largest cities of the North and South Island respectively. We stayed in a happening part of Auckland and had a good time walking about and popping into bars.

A decent time but not much to write home about. We were basically in transit and had just a few hours to kill...

It was the same deal in Christchurch but we managed to find first a good meal and then a fabulous bar, Irish of course. They had a two person Irish band playing great tunes and poured a fabulous half and half (using a local brew in place of Harp, actually much better than the original). Dan's family will be glad to know that he insisted the band sing the 'Unicorn' song, along with Whiskey in a Jar (Wild Rover already being played). All of Julie's family should be proud that she knew the appropriate gestures for the Unicorn song. :) The half and halfs slid down real easy and we were glad it was a short walk back to the hostel. Absolutely a great time (not quite Durty Nellies of course, but Dad you would have been at home).

A great introduction to the South Island.

From Christchurch we drove up the coast to Kaikoura. In a few short hours Jules will be swimming with the dolphins. We both can't wait.

Cheers from Kiwi Land

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Nathan said...

Sounds like you're both having fun. Take care of yourselves. I'll be in Minneapolis from Dec. 28 to Jan. 5. Hope to see you there. Dannel and Lynn are back in Colorado for Thanksgiving. Live it up down there.